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Happy Chinese, joins more - ICBC Hanoi branch successfully held the 2014 annual employee Chinese game

Language is a tool for the exchange of ideas. ICBC have more and more global employees need to communicate through the language to achieve a smooth blend of cultures. Hanoi Branch living Chinese neighbors, Vietnam staff exchanges language more unique advantages.

In order to create a platform for mutual learning and exchange within the branch, encouraging everyone to learn Chinese, Chinese with good enthusiasm and interest, to promote Chinese language and cultural understanding my line of business, in 2014 China Industrial and Commercial Bank of China branch in Hanoi in the second session of the Chinese game was successfully held in July.

The competition is divided into two phases, the first Chinese knowledge contest for the second stage of the debate team, financial institutions, the company's business, the business department and the back office organized four teams to participate. After knowledge competitions will answer, answer, PK and many other aspects of competition, the final part of financial institutions and corporate business team into the second round. In the debate on race, both of which important issues, "efficiency" and "system" around the debate launched a full attack by the presence of the judges reviewed the final Financial Institutions team won the championship. During the audience also participated in jeopardy, ancient poetry relay links.