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I participate, I dedicate my happiness - ICBC Hanoi Branch successfully held the third "Golden Ideas" campaign

ICBC Hanoi branch “golden ideas” organized by the branch management initiative, aimed at brainstorming, full play to their ability to innovate, mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff involved in the operation and management of the bank, improve efficiency, optimize business processes.

Since 2012 to date, “Golden Ideas” activities have been held for three times, a large number of golden idea has been to draw up a branch products, systems and processes to become a powerful branch embodies innovation-driven sustainable development. In 2014 Annual Golden Idea, the Bank received a total of eight departments 55 employees submitted 73 golden idea.

Golden Ideas recommends principles: everything is conducive to branch management, reasonable and feasible, can be transformed into "productive" to promote business development proposal, can participate in activities.

Golden Ideas review process:

1. Golden Ideas to set up activities Jury, Jury members include branch General Manager's Office and related departments in charge; assessment committee under the Secretariat, is responsible for receiving gold idea suggested golden idea accreditation organization, track and supervise the implementation of golden ideas, and timely to Jury feedback implementation;
2. Golden Ideas is an ongoing activity, regular sexual activity, conducted annually golden idea evaluation, assessment results will be open and transparent.
3.After golden idea assessment is completed, the Secretariat will hold a golden idea summary activity (activity in the form of uncertainty, flexible arrangements), and the award-winning golden idea to reward the quarter;
4 The Secretariat will be responsible for organizing inspection, tracking the implementation of the award-winning ideas and supervise the implementation golden ideas into actual "productivity."

Golden Ideas activities through three years, one hundred employees proposed ideas have been implemented in the branch daily work for the development of the Hanoi branch provides a great boost power.