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2019 Global Systemically Important Banks Assessment Indicators
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In accordance with the latest requirements of the regulatory authorities, the Group calculated the global systemically important banks assessment indicators by using the Notice on Issuing the Guidelines for the Disclosure of the Indicators for Assessing Global Systemic Importance of Commercial Banks (Yin Jian Fa, [2014] No.1) as a reference basis, and based on the Instructions for G-SIB assessment exercise by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision. The indicators are disclosed as follows.

In RMB millions

Indicator 2019
Balance of adjusted on- and off-balance sheet assets 32,054,006
Intra-financial system assets 2,008,660
Intra-financial system liabilities 2,273,368
Securities and other financing instruments issued 4,810,820
Payments settled via payment systems or correspondent banks 427,718,826
Assets under custody 16,541,581
Underwritten transactions in debt and equity markets 1,615,956
Notional amount of over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives 7,170,609
Trading and available-for-sale securities 595,768
Level 3 assets 201,411
Cross-jurisdictional claims 2,041,464
Cross-jurisdictional liabilities 2,128,717