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Awards to ICBC in 2007

In 2007, ICBC was honored "The Best Sub-custodian Banks in China", "Best Consumer Internet Bank of China", "Best Deposit Internet Bank in Asia" and"Global Best Deposit Internet Bank" from Global Finance. "Best Cash Management Bank of China", "Deal of the Year for China" and "Best Bank M&A in Asia 2007" from The Asset. "Bank of the Year(china)", "Best Cash Management", "Global Deal of the Year", "Deal of the Year for Asia", "Deal of the Year for China" and"2007 Best Risk Management" from The Banker. "Best Sub-custodian Bank of China" from Global Custodian. "Best Cash Management Bank of China", "Best Custody Bank in China", "Deal of the Year for China" and "Best Bank M&A in Asia" by The Asset. "Best Bank of China", "Best Cash Management Bank of China" from HK renowned magazine Finance Asia. "Best Retail Bank of China", "Best State-owned Retail Bank of China", "Best Multi-Channel Bank of China", "Multi-channel Retail Banking of China" and"Best State-owned Retail Bank of China" from The Asia Banker. "Best Managed Company( large Cap)" from Asian Money."2007 Best Aircraft Financing of Asia" from Transport Finance. " 2007 Hong Kong corporate governance excellence awards" by HK authoritative institutions as the Chamber of Hong Kong listed companies."2007 Best Platinum Card", "2007 Best Business Card" and"2007 Best Product Innovation" --3 MasterCard Awards to ICBC Peony Platinum Card, PetroChina Fleet Card and PayPass Experience Card respectively. "2007 Advanced Bank for National Small Business" from China Banking Regulatory Commission. "Best Internet Bank of China" presented by CFCA. "Outstanding Achievement on CUP Merchant Deployment 2007", "Outstanding Achievement on CUP Standard Card Program 2007 ", "Outstanding Achievement on Inter-bank Program for CUP Card 2007" and "Best Standardization Program for CUP Card 2007" from China Union Pay. "Best Internet Bank of China", "Best in Class in Internet Banking Management", "Best Bank in e-Commerce Development" --the 3 Awards from"China e-Payment Enterprise-User Satisfaction Survey" organized by China E-Commerce Association. "The Best Esteemed Enterprises of China" from The Economic Observer. "2007 Best Custody Bank (Fund) in China" during the "2007 China Star Fund & Best Custody Bank" review organized by Securities Times. The first prize of"China Best Finance & Securities Websites (Banking)", "Most Trusted Bank Website" and "Most Favored Bank Website" presented by Securities Times and Shenzhen Securities Information Co., Ltd. "Best Sub-custodian Bank of China" from Digital Commercial Age. "Gold Fund – Distinguished Contribution in 10 Years" from Shanghai Securities News. ICBC Call Center was honored the" Special Contribution Award-China Call Center" at the "4th Annual Best Call Center Selection (Asia-Pacific) 2007". ICBC was honored the"Best Chinese Bank" and ICBC Peony Credit Card was the winner of the "Distinguished Card of Service" in the "2007 Sohu Banking and Finance Network Survey" and annual review organized by In an annual review of "Overall List of China Wealth Management in 2007" jointly organized by Money Talks and China Mainstream Media and Wealth Management Consortium, ICBC got 6 awards: "2007 Best in Class in Wealth Management", "2007 Most User-Satisfactory Bank", "2007 Most Welcomed Product in Wealth Management", "2007 Most Innovative Product in Wealth Management", "2007 Most Welcomed Debit Card", "2007 Most Innovative Credit Card". In the "China Finance Chart Awards 2007" of the 5th annual event of Large Network List organized by and co-sponsored by China Securities Market Research and Design Center, ICBC earned the plaudit of "Best User-Experienced Internet Bank", while ICBC Peony Credit Card was the "Best Look-and-Feel Card for User". ICBC won two awards of "Service Excellence in China Banking Industry 2007" and "Credit Card of the Year: Best User Experience" from In the"2007 TOP 100 BY MARKET CAPITALISATION and Second Annual TOP 50 SME" jointly organized by Securities Times and China Southern Fund Management Co. Ltd, ICBC was one of the"TOP 100 BY MARKET CAPITALISATION" and"TOP 10 Most Socially Responsible Listed Companies".

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