Biography of Mr. Liu Lanbiao

Mr. Liu Lanbiao has served as External Supervisor of the Bank since June 2022. He is currently a Vice Dean of the School of Finance of Nankai University, Member of the Branch Party Committee, professor, doctoral supervisor of the School of Finance of Nankai University, a co-advisor at postdoctoral research station of Nankai University, Director of the Northeast Asia Financial Cooperation Research Center of Nankai University and Government Debt Management Research Center of the School of Finance of Nankai University. Mr. Liu has long been engaged in research in areas such as commercial bank management, monetary economics, systemic financial risk management, local government debt management, financial technology and international financial cooperation. Mr. Liu was a Vice Dean of the Institute of State Economy of Nankai University and External Supervisor of Liaoshen Bank Co., Ltd. At present, Mr. Liu is concurrently an Expert at the MOF Financial Risk Research Center, Government Debt Expert Consultant at the MOF Debt Research and Assessment Center, Member of the China Financial Standardization Technical Committee, Deputy Director of the Asia-Pacific Profession Committee at the Chinese Social and Economic Systems Analysis Research Association, Independent Director of NYOCOR Co., Ltd, Chief Expert for the key special program “Research on the Prevention and Management of China’s Debt Crisis and Effective Mitigation Measures” under the National Social Science Fund of China. Mr. Liu Lanbiao graduated from Nankai University with a Doctorate degree in Economics.