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Customer Account Opening Guide
DEBIT CARD OR ACCOUNT 18 years old or older Personal account opening application and account terms of use Our bank supply form
FATCA Our bank supply form
Person with legal capacity of law Vietnam Customers Personal valid identity card or passport  
Foreign Customers Personal valid passport  
Valid visa(except tourist visa) or temporary residence certificate  
CREDIT CARD Valid proof of identity Vietnam valid identify card (for Vietnam Customers) and valid passport (for Foreign Customers).
Chinese citizens are required to submit Chinese name and ID number information
Proof of work Work permit, labor contract, issued by the unit with a seal or signature of the company
Civil servants: documents to prove the identity of civil servants (such as: civil service appointment decision, adjust the wage decision, etc.), civil service permits and so on.
Income / financial documents (1) working people:- the last three months of wages, the employer issued a wage certificate.
- Cash payroll: In principle, the applicant's work unit is required to open a company account in our bank. (Including: remittance, deposit, withdrawal), if there is no transaction in the Bank, the company can provide the other banks in the Bank Statement of cash flow, and to provide the application of the company, the company's account is normal, Proof of human income.If the company is not open to my account, in principle, only accept the Vietnamese state-owned large enterprises, well-known foreign investment, joint ventures or private companies to produce proof of income;
(2) Self-employed or partnership Operator:
(If any), the last three months of the company's major bank records and related information
Proof of residence address If the applicant's residence address is different from the address on the account, the applicant must submit the residence certificate
(The last three months with the name of the applicant's water, electricity, gas, telephone bills, etc.).
Foreign residents who are residing in the country for a short period of time are required to submit a valid proof of residence and the permanent residence address of the country where the nationality is to be submitted.
  Credit card application form Our bank supply form
  FATCA Our bank supply form
  Credit card charter Our bank supply form